Gravel, Top Soil, Mulch

Gravel, Top Soil, Mulch
Decorative gravel and mulch are lovely landscape elements that save labor and highlight whatever is placed on them.

Please call ahead if you want to be loaded with bulk material to ensure someone is here.  

We are happy to deliver to your site.

What it looks like

Decorative Gravel — sand and stone

Mason sand

Mason Sand
White stone

white stone
Stone dust
Stone Dust
1/2″ tan stone
1/2″ tan stone
3/4″ grey stone
Grey Stone

Decorative Gravel — driveways

Driveway item 4
Driveway item 4

Decorative Gravel — top soil, mulch

Screened compost
Screened Compost
Brown mulch
Brown Mulch
Red Mulch
Red Mulch
Double ground mulch
Double Ground Mulch
Top Soil



Price / yardPrice / 1/2 yard
Mason Sand4525


Price / yardPrice / 1/2 yard
Natural Brown 43 25
Sweet Peet5832
Rough Wood chip2015
Premium Double Ground4325
Autumn Red4325
Midnight Black4325


Price / yardPrice / 1/2 yard
Premium Top Soil5532
Garden Mix7035

Driveway Material

Bank Run Gravel43
White/Blue Item # 443
Gray Driveway Mix43
Black Driveway Mix43


1/4″ round natural43
1/2″ round natural43
3/4″ round natural43
1/2″ gray crushed43
3/4″ gray crushed43
3/8″ tan stone57
1/2″ tan stone57
3/4″ tan stone57
White marble chip70


Espoma Tomato and Vegetable Soil9.99
Fafard 1 Cu Container Mix
Fafard 2 cu Container Mix17.99
Black Gold 1C Nat Org Potting Soil12.99
Black Gold 2C Nat Org Potting Soil 20.49
Black Gold 1C Moisture12.49
Bagged Leaf Compost6.99
Moo Doo Compost Manure9.25
Moo Doo Top Soil8.95
Bagged Peat Moss16.50
Shredded Straw Bagged16.99
Bagged Mulch
Dark Brown
Natural Brown
Dyed Red
Dyed Black

Bagged Sweet Peet Mulch10.99
Pail 5 Gallon Bulk
Tan and white stones
All other stones