Sweet Pepper’s

*New ace- 65 Days- Earliness and high yields characterize this hybrid. Perfect for short growing seasons. Deep green large fruits are nice fresh from vine.

*Whitney- 65 Days- Thick walls, tapered 5” are super sweet and delicious. One of the earliest Hungarian types on the market. Delivering heavy yields of 8 oz.

*Big Bertha- fresh market and home garden. Green to red. 7”x4”

*Cubanelle- 65 Days- sweet Italian frying type with Italian taste. Long green thick skinned fruits have 2 -3 lobes and turn yellow then bright red at maturity. Measures to about 5-5 ½ “ long.

*Red Knight- 78 days- Big, heavy blocky pepper measure 4 ½ “ long and wide. Mature red early in the season.

*California Wonder- 75 Days- deep green to red. Thick walled with an attractive glossy flesh. Fruits are medium sized 4”by 4” 3 to 4 lobed smooth and blocked. A nice stuffer with high yields. On 28” plant.

*Sweet Banana- 66 Days- thick walled fruits with sweet, mild, waxed flesh are prolifically produced on 16 to 24” plants with pendant fruits that start out pale green, ripening to yellow then red.

*Golden Cal Wonder- 72 Days- Smooth. Glossy, ripen to a beautiful golden yellow adds rich color to salads and dishes.

*Pepperoncini Sweet Italian- 75 days- shy Plant that reaches 30 Inches in height. Produces sweet green peppers that turn red when mature. Usually picked at 2-3 inches long

*Garden Salsa- 73 Days- 8” Long by 1” Across. Resists Tobacco Mosaic Virus. Med-hot,get hotter in dry weather. Picked green for salsas

*Sweet Chocolate Beauty- 85 Days- High quality, flavorful medium-large. Very smooth 2 and 4 lobed fruits mature from green to a very attractive chocolate color.

*Red Beauty- 68 Days- Impressive, 4-lobed fruits are packed with heavy, sweet flesh and set early. High Yielder.

*Satsuma- 75-77 Days- Matures from green to bright orange. Heavy blocky 3-4 lobed fruits thick walled are very sweet and crunchy. Heavy yielder/ Tobacco Mosaic Virus resistant.

*Cherry Bomb- 65 Days- 30-50% greater yield then other cherry varieties. Used both green and red for canning. Medium hot. 2-1/2” by 1-1/2” fruits are thick walled. Resists TMV

*Mohawk- 75 Days- compact plants spread up to 10” and reach just 8” in height. Tasty, 4 to 5” fruits are block thick walled.

*Gt. Marconi- 70 Days- Large tapered fruits grow to 8”by 3” with a sweet Smokey flavor. Red or Green. Widely Adaptable. Withstands severe weather and disease.

*North Star- 60 Days- Well adapted. Deep green fruits become bright red at full maturity. TMV Resistant.

*Keystone Resistant Gt- 72- 75 days- Large Fruits, 4 1/2” by 3 ½”. Are 4 lobed and thick walled. TMV Tolerant

*King of the North- 68-70 Days- Early bearing, thick walled. Bright red, 6” by 4” fruits. Mild taste, more mellow as it matures.

*Jupiter- 70 Days- Large, blocky. 4 lobed. Sweet flavored fruits have thick green walls that ripen to a red. Widely adaptable. TMV tolerant. Sturdy 30” Plants with dense leaf canopies protect high yields.

*Fat n Sassy- 61 Days- Large fruits size and early maturity. Sweet crunchy, 4 lobed fruits. Thick walled and blocky. Upright plants grow to about 20”. Fruits are about 4 1/2” by 4 ½”.

*Gypsy- 60 Days- Extremely early, heavy producer of wedge shaped taste peppers with sturdy walls and crunchy firm sweet flesh. A very reliable yielder all season long. Plants grow to 30” long

*Lugi- 62 Days- Yield averaged to 45 peppers per plant. Cylindrical, elongated (4-5”) and tapered. Green, matures to a deep red. Plants grow to about 24” with excellent disease resistance.

*Mariachi- 66 days Large fruits mature red usually harvested yellow. 24” plants 4”x2” fruits. Delicate flavor fruity overtones,cooking,grilling,pickling,salads.

*Flexum- 65 days- Sweet pepper 24” tall, 4 oz fruit 3” wide,6-7” long. Sweetest when fruits mature from ivory to brilliant red.

*Purple Beauty- 70 days- Fruits are blocky,thick-walled,dark purple.

*Colossal –70 days- extra large fruits stay firm & crunchy, matures from med-green to bright red. Set well even in adverse conditions.

*King Arthur- 59 days- Large sized bell pepper, early high yielding.


IMG_9189Hot Pepper’s

*Hot Cayenne- Long red slim- very hot and productive, 5”x5 ½ “fruit starts dark green matures to brilliant red

*Hot banana Hungarian- 68 Days- Open pollinated. Very early, very productive and versatile. High quality, waxy, 6” by 1 ½”, tapered fruits start yellow and turn orange then red. About 700 scoville units.

*Early Jalapeño- 50-65 Days- very hot, ideal for Mexican dishes. Deep green fruits mature to red. Sausage shaped fruits. Compact, non brittle bushes.

*Habanero- 95 days- Lantern shaped, 1” by 1 ½ “ pods with thin wrinkled, light green fleshed, ripen to a lovely golden orange. Slow to germinate. High yielding plants grow up to 36” tall.

*Corno di toro red- 72 days- fruits are up to 8-10” long, curved. Ripens to a gorgeous red cone at maturity, with suburb taste and size. Tall plants are very vigorous.

*Big bomb- 62-67 Days- Fast cropping and extra prolific yields of uniform 2” fruits that explode with a rapid maturity brilliant red. Fruits are moderately pungent with thick walls that retain shape when pickled.

*Thai Hot- 2-3”  red hot slender fruit point upright on compact points.

*Hot Caribbean red- 110 days- Green turning bright red.  1”x15” fruits. Much hotter then habanero.

*Jalapeño Goliath- 65-68 Days- Giant 4” fruits. Thick walled fruits about 1-1 ½ “across mature from a dark glossy green to a scarlet red. Flavor and texture are excellent/. Good disease resistance.

*Hot Italian Roaster-  85 days- Good yields of 7” long by ¾” wide hot peppers. Very Mild just a little heat. Plant height 28”.

*Habanera Orange- 95-100 Days- Plenty Hot. Compact plants average to 16-18 in Height. Bearing large crops of crisp golden fruits with blush color.

*Hot Serrano- 85 days- green or red. Perfect for chili salsa, ECT. Vigorous 30” plants covered with flavorful, 2” thin-walled fruits.

*Anaheim Chili-75 days med-hot fruits,med thick dark green flesh, ripening to bright red. 24-30” plants.



*Amish Paste – 74 days. 8 oz deep red fruits.  Best for sauces and canning. Real tomato flavor.

*Roma – 75 days. Most well known paste type. Perfect for sauces, pastes & ketchups.

*Opalka – 85days. Long pepper-shaped fruits 4-6” long clustered in groups of 2-5.Sweet. prized for sauces & canning. Indeterminate

*Cherokee – Purple-80-90days. 8-12 oz med pink-purple fruits appear brown in color. No cracking. Indeterminate.

*Caro Rich – 80days. Large beefsteak type 10-12oz golden-orange.Low acid very sweet. Determinate.

*Golden Jubilee – 72 days. 2 ½-3” diameter,6-7oz. Mild flavor,low acidity. Bright golden-orange.

*Marglobe – 72 days. Large uniform very sweet & thick walled fruits.  High yields.

*Rutgers – 75 days. 7 oz full bodied flavor,heavy walls. All purpose variety,ideal for canning.

*Green Zebra – 78 days. 2-4oz fruits bright green with lighter green stripes.  Excellent real tomato flavor

*San Marzano – 80 days. 3 1/2×1 ½” slightly rectangular-shaped. Superb flavor. Extra high solid content. Perfect for canning. Holds well on vine.

*Siberian – 57 days. 3-5oz fruits in clusters of 30 or more. Capable of setting fruit at 38*F although not frost hardy.

*Brandywine – 90 days. 10-11oz fruits. Sweet,deeply lobed,slightly purple-red. Great flavor.

*Mr. Stripey – 80 days. 10-12oz  red & yellow striped fruits. Also called ‘Tigerella’. Very low acid.

*Giant Belgium – 82-90days. 1-2lb fruits. Dark pink fruits,low acid,very sweet, one slice to a sandwich.

*German Head – 80-90days. Old time favorite large beefsteak shaped dark pink fruits. Crack-free 1-2lbs. Indeterminate

*Abraham Lincoln – 75 days.  8 oz or more.  Delicious, old timey flavor. Uniform, disease resistant. Globe shaped bright red fruits.

*Fantastic – 65 days.  Excellent for canning. Tasty globe shaped,scarlet red, medium-sized fruits almost crack-free.  Heavy yields.

*Beef Master – 80 Days – Solid. Meaty, Bright Red, Weighs up to 2lbs, Better Yields

*Bush Goliath – 68 Days-  Grows up to 3- ½ ft tall. High sugar content.

*Super Beefsteak – 80 Days- Large Meaty Red Fruit, average 17 oz. each

*Early Girl – 57 Day’s- Meaty. Ripe, red fruits, 4-6 oz . Very appealing, with firm texture and blemish resistant skin, heavy yields on hardy vines.

*Better boy- 75 days- Midseason variety, with plump juicy deep red tomatoes that often weight more then 1lb. Heavy foliage protects fruits from sun scald. Highly adaptable.

*Jet Star- 70 Day’s- Prolific producer of big. Globe-shaped fruits that ripen all the way through. Excellent flavor with low acidity. Nice compact habit.

*Husky Gold- Outstanding flavor, excellent quality, 5-7 fruit on plant.

*Lemon Boy- 72 Day’s- Lemon yellow, not golden, in color. Highly adaptable plants yield large, deep oblate fruits, averaging 6-7oz and about 3- ½ “ across. Out yields all other golden tomatoes.

*Celebrity- 70 Day’s- Multiple disease resistant. Highly adaptable from Canada to the south. Medium sized. Globed shaped fruit are crack resistant.

*Jetsetter- 64 Day’s- Matures early. Flavor in large 8 oz. fruits that are smooth, juicy, flattened globes with consistently huge yields and good disease resistant.

*Delicious- 77 Day’s- Excellent slicer, with most fruits over 1lb, many up to 3lbs. Produces smooth and solid fruits that seldom crack with small cavities , nearly solid meat and excellent flavor.

*Brandywine Red- 90-100 Day’s- Scarlet red, gourmet sister to brandy wine.

*Brandywine Yellow- 90- 100 Day’s- Golden Yellow version of Brandywine, with prolific fields of flattened, semi- irregular fruits.

*Brandywine Pink- 90-100 Day’s, large fruited, excellent flavor.

*Big Beef- 73 Days- Old fashioned, rich flavor. Colossal fruit size and yield, uniformity and a full spectrum of disease resistant. Smooth fruits are globed-shaped, weighing 9-16 oz.

*Granny Smith- 72 Days- exceptionally tart flavor, with enough firmness to be diced without turning mushy. 6-8 oz.

*Mortgage Lifter- 75-85 days- good yield of very large, smooth, pink skinned fruits, even in drought. Very meaty with very few seeds, very mild, sweet flavor, delectable. .

*Viva Italia- 72 Day’s- Disease resistant- very adaptable with the classic, blocky pear shape. Exceptionally high yielder.

*Cluster Goliath- 65 Days- Bright red flavorful. 4-5 oz fruits present themselves for select picking or cluster harvest. Holding their fine form and flavor up to 2 weeks.

*Patio- 70 Day’s- Perfect for container gardening or limited space. Vines are extremely compact yet produced medium sized deep oblate fruits that are smooth firm and flavorful.

*Bush Early Girl- 54 Days- an extreme earliness and huge yields of firm meaty flavorful fruits that are larger then early girl. a full 4” in diameter.

*Better Bush- 68 days.  48” tall plant produces 4” fruits sweet & meaty. Great for containers. determinate


Supersweet 100 – 65days  1”in diameter cherry tomatoes extra high in vitamin C.
Sunsugar – 62days.  ½ oz. sweet golden thin skinned, good crack resistance. High in vitamin A.

Sungold – 57days. Cascades of 1/2oz sweet golden thin skinned crack resistant fruit.

Suncherry – 58days. 1/2oz sweet bite-sized fruits,thin skinned & juicy. Trusses of 20 or more.

Sugary – 60days.  1/2oz reddish-pink fruits pointed on both ends,huge clusters. High sugar content.

Juliet – 60days. 1oz sweet flavored crack-resistant grape-shaped fruit in clusters. Holds on the vine.

Grapette – 75days. 1/3-1/2oz thin-skinned & juicy in clusters of 16-40 fruits each.

Sweet Baby Girl – 65days. 1oz supersweet,fruits in long clusters. Crack resistant. Keep well.

Red Robin – 55 days. 1 ¼” extra sweet fruits on compact plants 8-12” tall. Good container plant.

Jelly Bean yellow – 72 days.  Prolific yielder. Bite-sized ¼-1/2 oz,fruits grow in groups of 15-30 per cluster

Husky Cherry Red – 65 days. 1” fruits excellent flavor. Great for small spaces/containers.

Husky Gold

Red Robin – 55 days.  Extra sweet dwarf container-grown variety. 1 ¼” fruits,8-10” plant

Sungella – 90 days.  Orange golf-ball sized 2 oz fruits on trusses,superb sweet juicy flavor. Low acid.